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Dutch Progressive Rock Page Maze of Sound progressive rock art rock Sunray Album reviewsMaze of Sound (MoS) is a relatively new band from „Progcountry” Poland. With the risk of sounding a bit too overenthusiastic, I must say that this is another Polish gem in the prog genre. These guys have the ability to write some great, catchy tunes that will appeal to many. MoS was created in 2012, and recorded its Man In The Balloon EP in January 2013 before releasing Sunray in November 2014. It’s an album consisting of nine tracks, full of melodic progressive rock. Their music and lyrics lead us through a world where fantasy and reality alternate. There is a song called Rain Charmer, and another entitled Mad Hatter (from Alice in Wonderland) but also more realistic sounding song titles like Last Sunray and Memory. The musicians of MoS find inspiration from Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Marillion, but definitely are no copycats and show their own style. The opening track reminded me a bit of RPWL, especially the keyboards having a Yogi Lang-ish feel. The vocals of Kuba Olejnik are quite pleasant and his pronunciation of the English language is also very acceptable and doesn’t disturb me. This opener is very catchy tune and a fine example of the quality of music we can expect throughout the rest of the album.

Reflection has some moments I thought of Alan Parsons Project and has some brilliant solos on guitar. Nearly all the music has been written by keyboardist Piotr Majewski and he has managed to make some well balanced songs, where guitar and keyboard have enough space to stand out. The rhythm section is also in very capable hands, so there’s not really much negative to say about this album.

Trick Of The Witch is an instrumental track with nice piano and great guitar sounds. Mad Hatter is, as the title might suggest, a bit of a weird track with some funny noises, freaky laughing and Olejnik singing in a manner suggesting he is the Mad Hatter. The longest track of the album, Last Sunray starts with a Steve Rothery-like guitar and has a fantastic section when the organ kicks in, supported by brilliant drumming. Great music and again a very catchy tune.

I’m glad I got the opportunity to review this album because this is probably a band to watch, and hopefully they will appear on many stages across Europe and the rest of the world. On You Tube there’s a 45 minute concert by MoS at Busko Rock and they really sound awesome on stage as well. Listen to the samples or watch them on You Tube because they are really worth it.

Peter Swanson / www.dprp.net

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