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Polish art rock band Maze of Sound released “Sunray” in 2014, which represents a great piece of music. The band is currently gearing for a mini European tour in January, and about this all we talked with Piotr Majewski.

Maze Of Sound band Sunray

Define the mission of Maze of Sound.

Welcome, I am Piotr Majewski. Before I created Maze Of Sound, I had wanted to present only my own instrumental music to wider audience. Then, there was an idea to find a vocalist and write lyrics to the music. I decided to rehearse and invite a singer who could play particular roles of characters from the songs on the stage. I wanted our band to perform a theatrical show with stories including real, surreal, absurd, funny and grotesque ideas. Maze Of Sound’s goal is to give a good and positive message to people. Despite the fact that in our lyrics, we present both positive and negative aspects of our lives and nature, I definately always try to give a final positive sense and message paying attention to the right and good values. We would like to stay away from promoting evil.

Tell me about the creative process that informed your 2014’s album “Sunray” and the theme it captures.

Some pieces from ‘Sunray’ album were my instrumental pieces taken from my first demo. Then, the material ‘was put to the drawer’, although one of the pieces has been noticed and appreciated worldwide. As far as music is concerned, on the album a lot of pieces that I wrote were my thoughts and real stories I had during more difficult time of my life. Many of them tell about dealing with inner weaknesses and dilemmas, other compositions were created thinking about particular ideas and lyrics. However at first, I always compose music and then, together with the vocalist, we talk and set the story idea that will be told in the lyrics of the compositions.

Okładka Sunray album cover maze of sound progressive rock art rock polish rock band

What is the message you are trying to give with “Sunray”?

‘Sunray’ is a story of a man who suddenly finds himself in many different and strange places, meets unusual characters and has some weird adventures. He must also face some dangerous situations, like flying a balloon over unpleasant city, getting through a jungle full of dangerous animals, getting lost in the cold and dark forest, going mad on the big desert or crossing the mirror… During his journey, he also meets some strange characters, like powerful Rain Charmer, unpredictable Mad Hatter, mysterious Witch or his own evil Reflection. The man must recognize their real plans. In ‘Sunray’, real and surreal worlds collide, seriousness mixes with grotesque and absurd. In general, the album is a story presenting good and bad paths that we could go. Of course, everone can choose his own way.

How did you document the music while it was being formulated?

As a composer of Maze Of Sound’s music, at first, I created music at home, then I recorded it at home and brought it to our rehearsal room where the band worked on it and developed it.

Is the dynamic flow of the pieces carefully architected or is it an organic outgrowth of performing them together?

As the leader and composer in Maze Of Sound, I always had a vision of music form, shape and sound. I also prepared its rythm, speed, melody and arrangement together with the band. Finally, we worked in order to present a particular composition on the stage.

Describe the approach to recording the album. How long “Sunray” was in the making?

The ‘Sunray’ album was recorded about half a year. I was the producer of the album. The recordings, mix and mastering were made by Przemek Kuczynski and Robert Polus in FF Studio in Lodz, Poland. It was our debut album, so we were a bit stressed. However, we were also very excited and wondered how ‘Sunray’ will be reviewed worldwide.

Which bands or artists influenced your work on the release?

Among many ‘Sunray”s worldwide reviews and interviews that appeared, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. Many reviewers found inspirations with classical music in our album. This is probably, because I am a classical musician playing in a symphonical orchestra professionally. Some of them also mentioned echoes of such bands like Genesis, Procol Harum, Yes or Marillion.

What is your view on technology in music?

Personally, we like all new technological ideas and development that is being made in music. However, we are afraid that technology is covering more and more musical space that should belong to artists on stage and it can be dangerous. Fortunately, we see that this process started to turning back towards more natural sound and accustic traditional instruments treating electronics only as an interesting fulfillment of the whole piece of art.

Do you see your music as serving a purpose beyond music?

Personally, I would like our music to be a kind of platform from reality and everyday life. We think that when listening to ‘Sunray’ album, you can find yourself in a different and magical place and take part in these all weird adventures. We hope that, as a result, people could feel something special and unique. We would like them to stop and dream for a while listening to our maze of sound. We try to give people good energy, positive message and a lot of ‘light’. Of course, we also want to give listeners and spectators entertainment and good fun. Moreover, we would also like to help people in need. We played a lot of charity concerts in Poland. Recently, our ‘Man in the balloon’ piece appeared on International Charity Compilation released by Irish label ‘Progressive Gears’ and Eugene Rogers called ‘ Voices For Hospices’ among many great bands and artists, like Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion)! We are very happy to help people around the world.

What are your plans for the future?

We are preparing our second album. At the moment, we are recording our two new singles in London, England – Downtown Artists agency in PlaySoho Studios (Ex-Berwick Studio where David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Ringo Starr, Sex Pistols, Chemical Brothers and Bjork had recorded before! The singles will be released soon. Downtown Artists is our non-exclusive management (like Prog Sphere Promotions), so we hope to play more concerts abroad. Before, we played in Poland, Germany and Lithuania. In January 2016, we will play our European Tour organised by Prog Sphere Promotions. We will play in Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Czech Republic. In October 2016, we will perform at Lancaster Festival in England. Maze Of Sound on stage tries to present so-called ‘rock theatre’ and we would like to play a lot of concerts and show it worldwide. Recently, we have also started talks with Music Theatre in Poland in order to make a great theatrical and musical show: Maze Of Sound supported by orchestra, dancers and actors. We would like to start this project in 2016 and also present it worldwide.

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